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Power socket failure


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I just purchased my connector for the power scoket on the 2006 RT. The rear socket works fine but the front does nothing. Anyone had this problem or know of how to go about fixing it? I know it would be under warranty but if I could fix it myself it would save the hassle. Im leaving Sunday to go on 2 week trip on bike.

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Get a Torx driver and take off the left front body panel - there are Torx screws below the instrument cluster, below the power outlet, and on the inside of the bodywork near the front forks. The body panel will be held captive by the wiring for the accesory outlet, which is on a connector that can be removed by squeezing. Remove the connector.


Turn bike ignition on, and using a multimeter, measure the voltage present on the two wires of the connector. On my bike, this is 12.4 V. Start the bike and while running in neutral, verify that the voltage remains present on the wire pair.


If there is voltage present on the wire pair, perhaps the connector worked itself loose. Replace the connector and before reattaching bodywork, try the outlet.


If no voltage present, it is a CAN-related problem?

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Pull the upper fairing off and make sure the wire harness is completely plugged into the socket. The technician may have left it unplugged after your last service.

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