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Availability and price of Mobil1 15W50?


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Sorry if this is s a redundant post, but I couldn't find anything recent or relevant searching.


I can't find Mobil1 15W50 anymore, except for 1 Qt. bottles of the "Extended Performance" variant at some auto specialty shops for over $7.50 each. I used to purchase 5 Qt. jugs of the stuff on sale at Wal-Mart for $15 to $19, though it was only available within a couple of days of a shipment, i.e., not continuously.


Can any please help me out? I'm in the Northeast, in Central Massachusetts, just East of Worcester. Or, if there was a good online source where the shipping wouldn't kill the deal.





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Does Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 Replace Other 15W-50 Products?


Did Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 take the place of Tri-Synthetic Formula 15W-50? Do you still make Tri-Synthetic Formula 15W-50?


-- L. Vigil, Farmington, MI





Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 replaced Mobil 1 15W-50 early in 2005.  Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 is the only 15W-50 product we currently market. The Mobil 1 with Tri-Synthetic formulation has not been available since 2002, when it was replaced by Mobil 1 with SuperSyn Technology.

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While in Riviere du Loup, QC a week ago, I stopped in a WalMart to buy some mosquito spray and noticed the automotive dept next to camping supplies had the oil shelves stocked with Mobil 1 Super-Syn red cap 1 Liter bottles. Apparently they still market it up there.

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Our Walmart has quit carrying it too. I'm finding it at Autozone and Advance Auto for $6-$7 per quart. Autozone also has the Mobil 1 M1-102 filter for about $10.



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