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Can You Freeze at The End of June?


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Monday and Tuesday there were record highs set throughout the Portland area. It was over 100 both days. I know because I rode over 500 combined miles those two days. Today's ride was a tad different. So different, in fact, that I nearly froze. It got down to 54 degrees in Tillamook & Florence while I toured another chunk of Hwy 101. Clear blue skies prevailed with thin, puffy clouds hanging around everywhere. I had to put my Frog Togs rain suit jacket on over my Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket. I swapped out my gloves also in favor of gauntlet style cool weather gloves. The coast was beautiful, less crowded on a Wednesday than the weekend. The wind was strong enough to threaten to blow me off Lookout Point in Florence. Altogether this trip was about 350 miles round trip. That puts me at over 2000 in the past three weeks. Guess I'm enjoying Oregon!



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Having followed some of your trials and tribulations on the board before your move, I'm really glad to see that things seem to be working out. thumbsup.gif Best of luck and keep the pics coming.

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