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Nolan N102


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Just a heads up for anyone in the market for a Nolan N102. I just picked one up from the company below (via Ebay). Price $200 US + $10 shipping. The price is lower than any others I found (even on their web page). They seem to rotate sizes in their Ebay offerings so you may have to wait a couple of days until your size comes up. The helmet arrived yesterday as advertised and seems quite nice. If you go to their site, proceed to the "Outlet Store" to see their Ebay stuff.



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That is a good price, just bought one delivered for $286. Don't like the sun visor though, must have the face shield down to use the visor, and it gets plastered with bugs etc in any case. Good solid helmet though.

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Cool lead, thanks.


My big ? in ordering something like this though is how the heck to figure out what size to order?

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Ken: Couldn't you measure your head (isn't it an inch over the eyebrows, something like that) with a measuring tape and then consult Nolan's web site? I got a fiberglass (or plastic maybe) 10 foot flexible tape at Walmart in the crafts dept in the back for $3. Very handy- metric on the back. I has someone measure my head and with that measurement I was able to figure out from either Shoei's site or one of the bike store's sites the proper sizing. No matter the vendor, I would want to be assured I could return it if it didn't fit- just like a bike shop. this is assuming you leave the tags on it and just try it on a few times. FWIW, I ordered a nice Shoei RF 1000 from Cycle Gear and have had it for over a month. I am still up in the air over a bike trip b/c of the heat, rain, and my health. The guys at Cycle Gear told me as long as the tags are still on the helmet, the wrapper is still on the face shield, and I have not worn it out on the bike- I still have time to return it and get full credit. I'm trying to make up my dang mind! Look at www.jmcorp.com/NolanHelmets.asp for sizing chart & info.

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The Helmet Shop: $229.99 plus UPS ground is free with $100+ purchase. I used to be able to find that info on their website, but can't locate it now. My total was $229.99, so the shipping was free.


No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.


FYI, they have sizing charts for all helmets. The sizing for Nolan is here . They also have a 14-day return policy on unused items, minus a 10% restocking fee, not to exceed $25.00.


I simply wore the helmet around the house for 15-20 minutes, not unlike what you would do in a store. I'm sure I looked pretty stupid, watching TV and sitting at the computer. grin.gif

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Well I received mine. So far I'm pretty impressed.


Still scratching my head a bit on how to get a boom mic. into it though. Especially with the chin 'dam' in place that would hit a boom as the helmet is pulled closed.


Anybody been down this path on this helmet?

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Still scratching my head a bit on how to get a boom mic. into it though. Especially with the chin 'dam' in place that would hit a boom as the helmet is pulled closed.
I don't use any communications system, but I removed that chin 'dam' because it hindered my ability to adjust my helmet when I'm riding by grabbing the chinbar with my thumb and forefinger. Also, now in these summer months, I prefer to have air circulate from the bottom of the helmet. Maybe in the fall when it gets colder I'll put the chin 'dam' back in. Even with removing the chin 'dam,' there's no way I could get anything, let alone a boom microphone, to fit behind the chinbar on this helmet. My chin is about a ¼ of an inch from the chinbar, which makes me a little uncomfortable as my old Fulmer helmet had a lot more room to accomodate a cold weather anti-fogging "surgical mask"-type insulated breather. Overall, I like the Nolan 102 except for how close my chin gets to the chin bar. However, the chinbar on this Nolan appears to be "padded" on the inside, whereas my old helmet was just hard plastic. Are helmets supposed to be this close to your chin or is my jaw too big for this helmet? I have no idea how I'd get a boom microphone in there. It is a small area, to be sure. Or maybe I just have an abnormally huge Jay Leno jaw. grin.gif


Something I did notice this weekend wearing it on the RT was that with the stock windscreen all the way down it is substantially more quiet and with the new "spoiler" on the back of it there was less buffeting. When I would raise the windscreen it would get louder and I would experience more buffeting. I'm sure it isn't something miraculous with this helmet, but it reacts differently than my old Fulmer helmet, which was sometimes difficult to ride with the windscreen all the way down, which I actually prefer.

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I have a new Nolan N102 helmet. One of the raised black rubber ridges on top of the helmet fell off while I was going down the road, while operating the top vent.


I have attached a photo, So you know what I am talking about. Is it possible to order a replacement part for this small black rubber piece??


John Lekas




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You may want to search for the thread - "Autocom a Nolan" from several weeks ago, in this forum. One of the posters suggested routing the microphone boom through the padding up by the upper cheek of the fixed (not the flip) part of the helmet. I tried it and it works great. I don't even need to use any velcro to hold the mic boom in place.

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I gave up trying to mount my Autocom into my N102. Like others, I find that the chinbar is way to close to my lips and chin to fit the microphone. If I need to ride with my Autocom, it's installed in my Shoei.

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I bought my N102 Last year at the Long Beach bike show direct from the importer. Cima International is one of the best companies I have ever done business with. I emailed them last week to get a replacement shield because the VPS scratched the clear shield and they replaced it at no charge. I just can't say enough about their Customer Service. If you ever have any questions about Nolan email helmets@aol.com or


399 Wall Street

Unit L

Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Ph: 630-671-9710



“Ride With The Shiny Side Up”

Bruce, Orange CA

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I second the comments about the distributor (CIMA) standing behind the Nolan product. I lost one of the "C" shaped side covers (I think it blew off on my ride to work), I phoned them and they mailed me a replacement with no questions asked, no cost to me, not even postage.


give them a call if you need something with your Nolan.

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