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RS mirrors on an R1200RT?


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I picked up a pair of RS mirrors to mount on my R1200RT handlebars. I also got the platinum <g> nuts and the gold washers. Problem is that I haven't been able to snug the mirror stem down tight enough to keep it from rotating. My first thought was to shim with flat washers but I haven't found flat washers that will fit the stem with a narrow enough shoulder to fit in the recess on the bottom of the bar. Thoughts? Suggestions? I guess I could go to Lone Star and beg for help. TIA.

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John Bentall

I tried the K1200GT/RS mirrors on my machine, but found they obscured too much of the stock mirror. Decided in favor of the 1150GS mirrors, purchased for $30 the pair from a boneyard.

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I just installed K1200RS mirrors on my RT using the BMW washer and nut and they snugged down just fine, much improving the outlook in the rear clap.gif

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My PM didn't get through and I understand. Many thanks for the advice. I must have received R RS mirrors, or some such, by mistake.


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