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Help! Lost MapSource Disc


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When I changed jobs, I got a new laptop. I backed up everything on an external harddrive, but apparently need the original install disc and unlock code to reinstall Garmin MapSource. Since we're moving, I can't find my installation disc (or anything, for that matter tongue.gif ).


Anyone know how I can recover my unlock codes and reinstall the software without having to buy it all over again? Would Garmin tech support be of ANY value?


Thanks in advance!

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I'd recommend you call Garmin and explain the situation to them. If you're a registered owner, I'll bet they will fix you up.

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Thanks, John. I'll give them a call. I just thought one of the many GPS gurus on the board might know a shortcut.



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For future reference, all you need is the serial number from your Garmin unit to get a replacement City Nav CD. Great customer service thumbsup.gif

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