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Putting together a short film on the UnRally V and want some more pictures


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Hi All:


I am putting together a small movie (about 30 minutes) about the UnRally V that I will post once completed for all of us to look at. This was the first time I used my mounted camera to take rolling video. The quality is ok, but I would like to include a few more pictures from other folks to get a more inclusive vibe.





The Video Rig



If you are willing to share these, I will make sure you get full credit.




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How would we share? There isn't an e-mail in your profile.


PM me an address and I'll send you some of mine, if they turned out okay. I haven't really gone through them yet, or even downloaded all of them since my trip.


Great meeting you by the way!

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I've got about 1 1/2 hours of video shot off the front of our GS, and almost no time (or ability really) to edit down to something useful/meaningful.


If you can work with a mini-DV tape and want some more footage, PM me your address and I'll send them to you.

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I've got 400 pics (or thereabouts). How do you want them? If you're just going to show them online, it might be suitable to pull them off of my smugmug account.

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My email is azkaisr at yahoo I am sorry I didn't have that in my profile.


I will PM you all on getting me pics (I can save from smugmug).


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Dennis Andress

I haven't put all that I took on SmugMug, they're big and time consuming to deal with. Let me know if you need more and I'll see what I can do....




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