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Tire repair kit


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After some searches, I basically came up blank with an answer, so for the next lucky soul that types in 'Tire repair kit' should find this one tongue.gif


Well? What should I look for? I'd like to carry something that will get me out of a bind should I get a flat. smile.gif



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Build your own. Here's what you need:


Good plug that includes plug material, glue, a reaming tool and a plugger. Some people like the "T" handles, but the the straight screw driver type work for me. Expect to pay ~$6-7 bucks for one. Change it out each year (or just buy fresh glue) as it will age.


Air Compressor-several types out there at any Wally World, K-Market, etc. I like the Sparrow brand only because of it's design, but I've carried a some cheap off brand that works very well. Buy a new "male" electrical plug and replace the standard on the air compressor. Takes about 4 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes when you're having a bad day.


You should have about $20 invested all told.


Co2 is great for your pellet gun, but not for filling your tires. blush.gif

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+1 for Tadpole's tips, except I prefer a T-handled reaming tool. Assuming it's not a sidewall puncture or major gash, the "sticky rope" should work well. You can find everything you need for an effective plug (and inflator) at Wally World.


For what it's worth, I would recommend that you stay away from the Stop-n-Go mushroom kits. DAMHIKT dopeslap.gifeek.gifdopeslap.gif

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For a compressor this is a nice compact solution:




I had it down to this one and the Cycle Pump. Without question the Cycle Pump is made better and also made in USA, but it is a bit larger than the Slime unit. Had the Cycle Pump been a little smaller I'd have gotten that one.


Anyway, I inflated a completely flat car tire with the Slime unit in about 4 minutes. It comes with a lot of adapters you won't need for the bike but good for car, but you will need an adatper for the BMW type plug or replace the adapter on the cable.

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stop n go kit rocks love. It saved me afew times just be sure to give a good tug on the plug to get the head set before you cut it

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Another vote for the STOP & GO tire plugger kit.


I have had outstanding results making permanent tire repairs to several cars as well as my 4X4 with very deep tread.


I have not needed to fix any m/c tires yet.

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Shawn: The Walmart air compressor (about $10) has several screws in it that hold the 2 plastic housing pieces together. Take those screws out, and you will be left with just the "guts" of the compressor. Thats what you want as it will take up less room. I have the Dynaplug tire repair kit which was recommended by some riders. Then, after I had purchased the Dynaplug, (in another tire thread), some riders expressed concerns about the plugs being too small for larger holes. So, I bought a regular "sticky rope" tire repair kit with the T-handle reamer and insert tool. Now, I have 2 kits. Question, which might help some of us: 1)If you break down these tire kits out of their original packaging, is there someway to protect the plugs from each other? Individual roll each one in a little square of wax paper or tin foil?

2)The sticky ropes are kinda long. I don't think bending them in half and stuffing them in a film container would be good, do you? Better to keep them at full length?

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