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tie down points 1150 RT


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anyone had any experence with hauling an RT? I'm an old dirt bike racer and have hauled many a bike but this is something I need some advice on. Yeah yeah I know hauling this sort of bike is some sort of a sacrilidge but take it easy on me with the verbal abuse (though I probably deserve it) blush.gifblush.gifblush.gif

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the best way i have found is to wrap a tie down around each side of the forks on the front wheel and tie them down so that way you dont have to compress the front shock and is much better on the bike. as for the back i cant really help because we have RT-P's so we use the crash guards as a tie point just as extra support. BTW forgot to mention use a wheel chock.

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Welcome to the board Don!


Now for securing the RT without damaging anything...


First, after loading the bike into the trailer, put the front tire in a good wheel chock. Secure the front forks by using tie down straps around the fork brace just above the fender. A good choice for straps are the nylon web straps with loops on both ends, putting the straps around the fork brace so the loops come together. Secure these straps to your tie down strap hooks using a ratchet strap or cinch type motorcycle strap. You will not need to compress the forks as you are securing below the sliders.


Now for the rear, remove the two black plastic side covers that are right in front of the saddle bags. You will see a "U" shape piece of tubing attached to the subframe. Attach the tie down straps to these parts of the frame. Keep in mind that this is a subframe section and is not as strong as the main frame, and is susceptible to bending. DO NOT apply more force then needed to keep the bike from moving about on the trailer.


This is the recommended method for trailering the RT, you will not have any trouble if you use this method.


Happy trailering! clap.gif

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This is the best tool I ever bought! I bought my 04RT in March and I had to tralier it about 150 miles home. It still cold here in Wisconsin during March. No problems at all. http://www.canyondancer.com/





No, no, no! No canyon dancers with heated grips. May be the last time you keep your mitts warm.

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