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Sore knees


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Just got back from a fun weekend touring around the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. Very scenic and nice roads.

We put on about 1400 km over the weekend and the only complaint was from my SO about her knees. She says they are bent too much causing pain (she is only about 5 ft 4")and would like them to stretch out more(forward) She put her feet on my pegs and they felt great. Further forward the better I think.


So I went to A&S site and found three items that might help.

One is the floorboards they seem awful pricey and don't know whether this will really help the problem.

Two is the footpeg relocators which sounds good on paper but will they move the pegs enough to make a difference.

Three is the foot peg lowering kit. Which are twice the price of the relocators.


I won't mind paying the money for the relocators $130 but the other two seem quite expensive and not really sure they will make enough diffence to warrant the price.


Has anyone had any experience with any of these products?


Are there any off brand name products that might be worth trying?


Appreciate any input/help.


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I've used the floorboards which were okay but not worth the money to me..Not for aggressive riders though..

I now use the peg lowering kit which helps but I still could not be without my Sierra Highway pegs...I use a backrest and I can lean back against the backrest, kick my feet out on the highway pegs and pretend I'm still on my Harley.. grin.gif

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I vaguely remember a BMW ON article about retrofitting generic cruiser (low $) floorboards for the passenger pegs. You might do a search on the BMW MOA website and see if some information is available. My recollection on this is not too clear, so my appologies if I have this wrong.

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Consider asking her to try sitting with her feet on the pegs and her toes rotated away from the bike for a while. That is, turn the foot so that the front of the foot pivots away from the bike with the heels in close. This can relax the tension on the ligaments of the knee somewhat as the tibia rotates slightly outward. Sometimes the opposite maneuver can work as well. I'd try more frequent stops plus these tips before adding floorboards or peg lowers. Please let me know if these help (or not) someone other than me. Good luck.

Take care,


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My wife is a long-legged woman who is 5-4" We ride LOTS of miles together. Initially she did complain a bit about the footpeg location, but after working out more, and walking 20 minutes every other day, the knee pain disappeared. We've continued the walking regimen ever since, and no knee pain.


Hope this helps.


Steve in So Cal

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