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R12RT oil usage..Gunnison


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Well, after reading about how some here had been consuming oil at a large rate, I thought I would bring a couple quarts with on the Gunnison trip. I was starting with a virtually new scoot (1200 miles), and thought I'd use a bunch.


This trip was around 3200 miles for us. Two-up, loaded to the hilt (side bags, tank bag, top box must have weighed 50 pounds), 80 mph through Iowa, with a 25-30 mph headwind. Then the same wind from our left (south) through Nebraska....and HOT.


Gunnison was pretty nice temps, and on the way home it was moderate temps, running alot of 80 mph.


We have the oil level check option, and it never really came on, but in Cheyenne, WY for the night, I did notice that the oil level was about mid-sight glass. I just added 4 little ounces of oil to keep the sensor happy.


That, my friends was it. 3200 miles, and 4 oz. of oil.


Now, unless the dealer over-filled this thing by a quart or two during the initial run in service, I'm a happy camper.


[my own hijack]

The bike ran beautifully, but my knees are killing me (lowering pegs?).

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