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Ken H.

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Just thought I'd pass on the comments I heard, as a help maybe to the next committee(s):


Overall 99% positive, "Much better than Stanton", but Cody is still the gold standard.


Everybody I asked seemed to think they got a good value for the money. The long-sleeve t-shirts idea was a big hit. The cups left a few people scratching their heads though.


The meals got high marks. Not having the meal time on the meal tickets was a bit of a mess/goof. Don't know how we missed that one when putting together the packets!


Not so sure the Wed./Thurs. vs. Tues./Wed. nights idea worked to keep people around. Oh well, we collected the $$, so their loss.


Being able to print/reprint stuff on site was life savior for Donna and I. And we hesitated bothering to bring a printer at first. Which would have been a mistake.


People to relieve us at the registration desk turned out to be a bust. We couldn't ever find anyone. Next time set a schedule! For registration open/closed times too.


The accommodations choices were praised. Of course the age-old debate/complaint of HQ at the hotel instead of at the camp ground was still there.


The routes where considered great, but sorry Steve, I heard a lot of comments about them being unrealistically long. The other grumble was about how late they came out/posted.


The website/graphics were praised, but one interesting point that came up a couple of times is that the graphics don't actually say anything about "BMW", "Motorcycles", "BMWST.COM" or similar. Looking at the stuff "UNRALLY V" could have been about anything.


Overall I'd give ourselves an A- !


Do we want to update the website with the list of "Attended", or are we done and it's going to go down soon anyway?

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