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Replacement grips for R1150RT with heated grips


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I need to replace the rubber grip (clutch side) on my 2002 R1150RT. I ordered a OEM replacement but it is a) too long (130mm) and b) the wrong pattern on it.


Since I have heated grips I am wondering if aftermarket grips will work? What are kinds of grips are you replacing with? I think I can use grips that are 120mm and fit a 7/8" bar. My thinking is that using gel grips would be a mistake due to the handgrip heater. What about any other dual compound grips?


Hints and tips on removing old grips and installing new ones would also be appreciated.


I guess I had better get used to wearing out things on "Big Blue", since I plan to keep for some time.


Thanks to any and all responses. wave.gif

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If your concern is the heat making it through, it will. Abet a bit slower. I've used foam grip overlays on BMW heated grips with no heating issues.

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I have wondered for some time if the rubber grip itself was replaceable without removing or disturbing the heating elements. I would love to have a different grip on my '04 RT. Any input is appreciated.

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Jerry Johnston

Purchase a set of foam grips for a Harley and remove the foam. Some just used soapy water to slip them on - I used a compressor to blow them out like a baloon and slip them on.

I've had foam grips on my bike since 97 and haven't had problem and still have the same foam tubes over my grips.

I worried about the heating element getting too hot and burning out but that hasn't happened either.

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Yes the grip is replaceable separately from the heating element under it. Slit the rubber grip carefully and not all the way through to remove the old grip.

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If you want a foam grip with more diameter one option is to put Grip Puppies, here, on top of the stock grips. The only issue I have had is that it holds the heat. I am on my second adjustment of my Throttlemeister, and it still grabs when on high heat.

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