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Ding Dong,the Surge is Gone...


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the bad,bad surge is gone! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif


Dealer installed Techlusion R259 today(at his expense,can you say FREE? grin.gif),and just as many of you said when I inquired of the problem,it did the trick.

It's now a joy to ride! cool.gif

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WOW! Thats a great deal! You definetely have a nice dealer to throw that in free of charge! Miller BMW in Tallie?


Congrats! clap.gif

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I'm curious what you get for mileage now. Could you please post when you have the numbers?


PS: Yes, that does mean you should go out and ride! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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I get 44-45 with a ZTechnic 4001 & Olive CCP. 2UP 90% of the time.

BTW Canisterectomy done also thumbsup.gif.

this on a 00 single spark.

R259 Techlusion for 7000mi now.


Never being happer with the way it runs.

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Guess you missed my posts from early June when I first got it.

Had I known then what I know now,I would have gone to Miller's,& stayed far,far away from those rip-off artists in Daytona.

They certainly are not generous,I had to keep hounding them to cure the surge after they convinced me(my foolish mistake) dopeslap.gif to test ride an '04,even though I wanted the '02.


As for mileage,I'll post after a tank or two.

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Why did you remove the cannister? Was that suspect in the surging also? If so, how do you disconnect it? I've got an 02 RT surger also. dopeslap.gif



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Here's some more info on surge cure. Good ol' EPA. Gotta l smirk.gifove em.


Originally Posted by ride4j

Well, I stoppped by the dealership and they were very tuned-into the surging issue. Both the owner and salesman claimed they owned 2002 RT's that they installed the Tech box on and said they now run better than stock. Also said if mine continues, when I come in for the 6,000 mi check they will install the Tech box at discount rate?

Also went on to say that I shd. run 87 octane not premium to help aleeveate the surg???

Owner said he just returned from factory training and this issue is from the oil temp sensor and computer interface??? Not the O2 sensor!





Frankly...your dealer is uninformed. If he truely believes the oil temperature sensor is the reason, then BMW would have fixed it years ago. The reason why oilheads surge is because they are simply running too lean. BMW can't fix this problem without changing the map to run richer, voiding the EPA certification. Oilheads are environmentally challenged. Sorry folks...if you bought an oilhead because it has a catalytic converter and 02 sensor as your little part to save the planet...oilheads are only average according to EPA testing running overly lean with a catalytic converter. Adding fuel to richen the bike increase emissions beyond EPA limits.


I would challenge anyone to show me an oilhead that surges set up in open-loop using a European potentiometer. BMW never fixed this problem because it didn't affect the European market operating in open-loop until the R1150 series motors. Once Europe approved the new EC2 environmental standard, the oilhead was not capable of meeting the EC2 standard without using dual-plugs and would not meet the new Europe standard for 07 without a major redesign.


For the oilhead motors, BMW waited too long to react and could not admit fault without major liability. Techlusion developed the R259 device WITH BMWNA using their buy back bikes that BMW could not fix and had to buy back according to the lemon laws. Techlusion fixed all of them. However, BMW could not endorse because all Techlusion devices ADD FUEL to fix the lean fuel surge. By adding fuel, you VOID the EPA certification and technically is considered by the EPA as a defeat device.


Folks...if your oilhead surges, you have two choices. Live with it or fix it. Techlusions are not new and are on literally thousands of oilheads. I don't know of a single problem caused by the devices and they fix surging. I can install any techlusion in less than an hour and for $150-$250, the bike will never surge again. If you know how to remove the sides, you can install this device.

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and more....

In many cases, not always, surging under 3000 RPMs can be caused by throttle bodies out of synchronization. Normally, lean-fuel surging is most likely to occur from 3000-4000 RPMs.


I strongly recommend ensuring your throttle bodies are well synched and your large brass screws are set in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. For the R1100 series motors, that 1 1/4 turns out. For throttle bodies on an oilhead, they very easily come out of synch. You can usually tell if you have more than normal vibration coming through the grips at highway speeds.


My recommendations is to use a Twinmax to ensure your throttle bodies are dead on before setting up a Techlusion and then setting up the Techlusion on a very conservative setting. For the TFI, that's setting the RED and YELLOW pots around 2. For the R259, follow directions on this page:

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