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Synthetic oil-R1200RT ...............What Brand of Oil?


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Mobil 1 15-50 Synthetic, available at Wallmart.


And it is an old wives tale waiting until 12,000 or some such mileage to switch over.

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Most Syn oils are pretty good. You will get many opinions on which is best.


I have been using Amsoil 20-50 for years because it works. I believe it is the only truely synthetic oil. Amsoil comes out on top of every side by side test.

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I agree with Greg. I also have been using Amsoil for years. I have heard though, that BG Products have come out with a full synthetic that they say beats Amsoil confused.gif. Big question mark for me. I would wait until 6K to 10K before switching.

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No need for the dealership recommended 3k oil changes, either. They still had my ST on the floor (8k recommended oil changes!) and tried to tell me that I should change mine at 3,000 miles. I asked if the tranny ran in the engine oil like the ST (and reminded them of the 8,000 mile recommended changes)? Razor blades? A special oil-sheer attachment inside the engine? They just shrugged, like I'm going to do when I try to buy an oil filter wrench from 'em.


I'm going to use Delvac (Silver bottle). Always have.

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