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Touratech pillion bag for R12RT


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Hi -- just wondering if anyone has purchased this item (see link here), and if so how satisfied you are?


More specifically, I'm wondering if the pillion bag serves incidentally as a back rest, obviating the need to purchase a Bakup or other similar item.



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I bought the Touratech tailbag. Nice bit of kit, very well construced but not at conforming to its catalogue/website description.


Much smaller capacity than stated in its description, and did not have the net top.


Also, there is no way to carry the thing, it straps onto the RT1200Rt beautifully, but there are no off-bike carry straps.


In the UK, this would have been in breach of the Trades Descriptions Act.


The pillion bag might well be as advertised by Touratech, but the similar tail pack sure isn't.


What the hell are Touratech playing at? Be cautious, very cautious.

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