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Piaa problems , Have you seen this???


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One week till trip and the lighting gods strike again. confused.gif I got a set of 1100x Piaa and ez mounts for my 1200 RT BUT, the pia73112 as shipped have a 10mm bolt mount and the Ez mounts have 3 much smaller holes. Won't fit unless I drill a big ol hole in the mounts. eek.gif I hate to screw up dopeslap.gif. How did your's mount up????


Also,Thanks for the responses on the HID install ?? I asked. That is done clap.gif

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So I drilled the plate and made it work clap.gif All I need now is darkness to adjust all the beams. thumbsup.gif

While I was there I cleaned up the add on wiring stuff, added a relay for the Piaa's etc.etc. Never enough time to do installs the way I'd like to. One week to departing West clap.gifwave.gif

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Yea, sometimes aftermarket thingies, especially when from two companies and their installed together, modification is necessary...But it will make you feel like McGuyver when you're finished!

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