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ReKeying new R1200st and rt saddlebags


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I was wondering if someone has figured out how to remove the lock cylinder and rekey the saddlebags from one of the new R1200 either ST or RT bikes?

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Hi Howard-


You have to work through the small hole on the inside of the bag, near the lock cylinder, covered with a plug that looks like a coin is used to remove. I took a look at mine and decided to leave it keyed as it was. I think the hole is too small.



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I did my bags on the new GS but am unfamiliar with the RT/ST bags.

Really no biggie,once the cylinders are out.

On the "GS's,Varios" the bag/lock area needs to be unassembled (coupla' screws) and then the bottom of the cylinder is exposed for removal.

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