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Helmets/comparison tests


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Totaled my Shoei in a crash about a month ago and am beginning to search for a replacement. Has anyone seen any good comparison tests lately? Please email directly if it's easier for you.





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I have been delighted with my HJC CL-SP that I have been riding with since February. I have a very large head, which precludes me from many brands and models, anyway. When I was playing football in 6th grade, my parents had to buy me a helmet from the shop that supplied the University of Colorado team because the little kids helmets the football organization supplied were nowhere near big enough. It was really something, a field of little kids with white helmets and then me, with my black one. I was also about a head taller than any of them as well. HJC is one of the few companies that makes the XXXL size that I need. I remember trying on the largest Schuberth modular helmet when they were first introduced and I thought I was going to tear my ears off. I was really hoping that it would fit me...but it didn't.


I have owned Shoei and Arai helmets as well. In fact, I have about 5 of them on a shelf in the garage dating back to the Arai SuperVent. The CL-SP has, without a doubt, the best venting of any helmet I have owned. The face shield NEVER fogs up, even when it's closed, as long as the chin vents are open. Living in Pacifica on the Northern California coast, this feature is very important to me. The helmet is also very quiet, not too heavy and seems to be very well designed. The fact that it's available for less than $160 isn't too bad, either. I have had other HJC products in the past and, frankly, some of them haven't been of totally premium quality...but I think they really got it right on this one.


Just thought I'd add a counterpoint to the Shoei/Arai/Schuberth/Nolan recommendations that I am sure you are likely to get.

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