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Does the tubing on the "SpeedBleeder Bag" fit the stock bleeders?


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I an effort to gather all the things I need to do my ABS bleed, I have decided not to go with the Speed Bleeders. They look great to use, but to many stories about loose fit and leaking. My question is though, will the plastic bag and hose that they sell fit the stock BMW bleeders? I know the tubing fits the SB's but I wasn't sure if they are the same diameter as the stock bleeders. Thanks, Terry


BTW, since I would be paying shipping anyway, do you think it wise to at least order a SB for the clutch bleed while I'm at it?

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David Sharpe

Yes, it does fit the stock bleeders. I bought SpeedBleeders and decided to stay with the stock bleeders. Bleed bag works fine.

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