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Home from the Un Check-In Thread


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P.S. You should have been there David smirk.gif


I know. Lots of tough choices in life I'm having to make these days, but it was the right one.


I did miss you all. wink.gif

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I'm home. Thanks for asking. tongue.gif


I'm not home yet, still at work. Will report back when I make it home. Probably somewhere around 5:40 PM. smile.gif



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...since this is a hijacked,hijacked thread i'm at work as well. big day for my family..."real" hurricane shutters being installed. no more lugging plywood. sounds like the unrally was success.

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It really didn't happen! There were no pictures! grin.gif


Hmmm...I have to agree. It seems there was a massive cover up designed to make the non-attendees even more miserable and jealous than they already were...


Steve in So Cal

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Sorry to disappoint you folks...BUT IT WAS A GREAT TIME and photos have already been posted here.


Evidence exists (and there are sure to be more)




Mike O

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I'm home, Paul_burkett, could you email me when you get back? I need you to be a witness as to when I left Grand Junction, I did a 1000 mi. in 1 day, and this posting is my ending time. Thanks Phil

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John Bellantonio

Since I live only 80 miles from Gunnison I can' brag about the long ride home. What I enjoyed most about UN V was getting reacquainted with my old DB friends and making several new ones. I had a GREAT time and hope everyone else enjoyed riding in Colorado. I would like to thank the organizers for an opportunity to meet up with and ride with some truly enjoyable friends.

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Made it home yesterday afternoon---627 miles and it was rather warm on Arrival in the Phoenix area.


It was great meeting new folks from the board and renewing old friendships that were started here!!!


This group is one great caring and sharing Family that I for one am proud to be a member----


Thanks to all and a good journey home!

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Got home safe and "sound" (THANKS AZ AL!)


It was a grand uber worthy time. Thank you all for making it so memorable and family like. I told someone today that it was like marrying into a big family and going to their reunion. You don't know what to expect prior to getting there and are even a little nerveous. Then afterwards, you feel like you belong to something special.


Calvin and John, Sorry I didn't get to say Adios. Dave W. Hope you arrived in Sacremento safe. Mark and Cindy, hope you got back to Ohio and that there wasn't a ton of work waiting for you Monday. Christiana, the temp in Death Valley this weekend is supposed to be 49C!




Can't wait for Torrey!


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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In, safe and sound, with a wimpy 200+ mile ride home. Thanks to all who worked the event and especially to those who gave of their time and machines to rescue a few unfortunate members who went down.


Ride safe, friends..... thumbsup.gif

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Thanks to all who worked the event and especially to those who gave of their time and machines to rescue a few unfortunate members who went down....



Is there a post about any of this yet?


BTW, I'm (still) home too... after an UN-start! tongue.gif My plans went south right before takeoff... departure got scrubbed. I need pictures!

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I'm home...did it in one straight shot 50-285-470-I76-I80.


Things learned on this ride: there is a gas station in Nebraska that actually sells a post card captioned, Driving on Beautiful I-80. The northern 50 or so miles of I76 will never have such a postcard written about it, regardless of how optimistic the PR people are. I really want a Garmin 378 and the marine weather subscription. Loud pipes scare deer. wink.gif


...and last, but not least while all of y'all were out carving concrete I made arrangements to return to Gunnison in a week and give a certain young lady a ride on my K1200R...and here you all thought I was just being a lazy gen-xer and watching TV all week long! thumbsup.gif


Rodney, what was that highway that lets you get across Nebraska at Warp 9?

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Not home, and won't be for another 3 weeks. Left Gunnison on Thursday morning, and made it to David Baker's house Friday night. Thursday I rode through some of the worst wind I've ever ridden through, made only worse by the severe electrical storm that exploded all around me Thursday night, forcing me to seek the safety of a cheap motel in Kansas (the only one for miles around). Fun riding scheduled for tomorrow.


P.S. For those who know the story so far, Thursday afternoon I removed the Ohlins rear shock and sent it back to be worked on again. Stock shocks front and rear are on the RT now. frown.gif

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I should be home in about three weeks as well. Moved all the way to Cortez,CO today. By way of Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument, Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic Byway (CO141), and the San Juan Skyway (CO145). Had to have a nap then headed out to Mesa Verde until dusk.


Saw Paul M heading north from Gateway to Whitewater to make his reservation in Torrey. Man, he must have left early.


Had a GREAT time, thanks to everyone.


Next stop Utah then headed to the coast to find something cooler. Gotta be in Vancouver,BC in 8 days. Should be easy by comparison to my first week ;)


Mike Cassidy

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Made it home around 5:30 on Friday. As luck would have it, I picked up a speeding ticket, no less than 1 mile from my house--moto cop with a laser. I saw him as I was exiting the last turn in the 3 sweeper set and pulled over before he even has his lights on. grin.gif My very last speeding ticket was on my ride up to the very first UN in Gunny, so the circle is now complete!


It was a great time--pictures and a short story are on the way.


Tasker, Steve, Matt, Ken and Donna--thanks for all of your hard work in putting the rally together for us. Whip, thanks for letting me bunk in with you on Wed--I'll never camp again! tongue.gif Howard, thanks for leading us on a ride I'll not soon for get.

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I'm home, great ride up CO92 then over Grand Mesa on CO65, got to go back to the Mesa. It was Hot after that on I70 until I got up on top of the San Rafael swell and finished the ride off with a nice run down Sweeper Madness.


Dennis, Laney, Christiana, Tank, Fernando, Jamie, Leslie, Boney and Gabby all spent the night here in Torrey, most of them at my house. Laney seems quite chipper. We put Dennis's bike in the back of my truck and they will take it back to S Cal, I'll ride Laney's bike down there and swap it for the truck in a few days, don't think she's going to need it for a little while. I haven't ridden a K bike since 1984, hope I don't like it grin.gif


Another great trip, was really fun chasing Benicia and Whip over the mountains on Wednesday, thanks to Dick for suggesting the Redstone Inn for lunch, nice place.


Next, Paonia for the TOR.

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Landed (not rode, dang it!) yesterday to LOVELY hot, ugly, humid LA. You riders miss the "flying through the sludge" that only comes from the air. eek.gif

Had a great dinner with all. Got to meet and be introduced (Thanks, Dick) to my DB heroes. After Ken got us some un-name tags, the confusion about "Who the heck are they and how did those kids RIDE here" began to wear off. Had a great time. Glad to meet you all.


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Laney seems quite chipper. We put Dennis's bike in the back of my truck and they will take it back to S Cal, I'll ride Laney's bike down there and swap it for the truck in a few days, don't think she's going to need it for a little while.





Well I vote to rename Bob from Arrogant Bastard to Bearer of Bad News or Town Crier grin.gif



So what happened to Dennis & Laney??

Are they OK??

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Les is more

Dennis is fine, the bikes are fine, Laney injured her back during a "learn to pick up your bike" session. I'll let her supply you with the details if she so chooses.

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Oh, I haven't even left yet, but I always wanted to start one of these. grin.gif


Damn, this is a FAST crowd!


I got home safely at about 9:30 last night after a few hours spent visiting my daughter in the Vail area. Once I got past Muddy Pass/Rabbit Ears Pass and into North Park it was STUNNINGLY windy out of the West, a non-stop crosswind all the way home. I checked the weather records for the areas I was through and they reported winds at 24 to 32+ mph all the way. My neck is sore this AM from fighting my Bobblehead for 300 miles.


I just got off the phone with my buddy Wayne who crashed on Red Mountain Pass Tuesday AM, he's doing well. I accompanied him to the hospital in Durango (Mercy Medical thumbsup.gif), then stayed with him until late PM Wednesday. His family came down and stayed in Durango Wednesday evening, then they all went up to Silverton Thursday AM to pick up the bike. Kudos to Sheriff Sue Kurtz and her people for all their help, and dispatcher Melody for taking her personal time to help me get Wayne's stuff off his bike (it was locked in the Sheriff's garage for safe storage). The Silverton EMTs and Sheriff's office were wonderful, many thanks to these fine people. Many thanks to the good Samaritans Bob and Kitty (wouldn't give me their last name) who hauled Wayne to Silverton in their car.


Wayne's family brought his trailer and the Sheriff's folks helped load and secure it, then they were on the road for home, arrived about 2:00AM Friday. Long several days for them tongue.gif. Wayne sees the doctor Monday for a follow-up and says he's feeling pretty good considering the beating he took. Everyone was sure he would have been killed if he hadn't been wearing a helmet. I'll post a photo soon. ATGATT!


Special thanks to Santa, Whip and Limecreek for stopping in at Silverton to check on Wayne and offer your assistance. As stated earlier, the feeling of "family" from our fellow board members is just outstanding! Thanks to everyone else for your caring and concern. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the others that were injured during the ride bncry.gif.


Nice job thumbsup.gif Tasker, Ken & Donna, and everyone else for the great job of UnOrganizing!



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Stopped in Pine last night to vist friends and stay cool for the night.


Home now - 106 F ugh. Would like to be back in Gunny ... Good time had by all.

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Hi Gang,


I made it home about 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Pretty uneventful ride home across Nebraska. I had a fantastic time! Looking forward to seeing many of you again in Torrey this fall.




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Santa has unhooked the sled, and got right down to mowing the lawn... jeeesh...


made it home safe and sound around noon.

yesterday was a new personall best, Gunnison to Malta montana = an uncertified "SaddleSore" 1000 mi in 16.5 hours.


Canadian border guard (CBG) anything to declare? alcohol, tobacco, ?


me, NO

CBG, any repairs?

me, biting my lip no (it is a bmw, but i've been fortunate so far)

me, how about my bug collection?

CBG ? you mean those on the bike?

me, yeah

CBG, from the looks of the collection, the bugs have scrambled thier interior and exterior to the extent that even an entomologist couldn't distingush what you got there, so no value, besides i have the same collection...


did we have fun or what?, sure glad to visit with you all, so Leslie how about giving us a sneak of where we UNmeet next year?????

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Gwen and I have arrived home after overnighting in Delta, UT.

Thanks to Tasker, Ken, and Donna for putting on a fun un-event!

(Thanks also to those who assisted but were not fortunate enough to attend.)

Thanks also to Fernando for 3 great days of riding!


Eagerly anticipating Unrally VI wherever/whenever it may be!

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Got delayed and couldn't leave until Noon on Friday. Still decided I wanted to take the long way to Torrey (420 miles), so I went through Ridgway and out 145 to 141 to 491 to 191, south to Blanding, then UT-95 up to Hanksville and UT-24 over to Torrey. Got there about 5:45. Incredibly hot coming up UT-95.


This morning I left Torrey at 5:00AM and, careful not to hit any deer, made the 620 mile ride home, arriving around 1PM.


Dayumm it was hot in Vegas and on I-15. The "World's Tallest Thermometer" in Baker, CA, said 119. That's right. ONE, ONE, NINER! My cool vest was lasting about 2 hours, max. And my feet were on FIRE! But the RT ran like a top, crossing over the 88,000 mile barrier without so much as a hiccup.


I drank 70 oz. of water and almost an equal amount of Gatorade today. When I got home I took a long, progressively cooler and cooler shower, in order to bring my body temp down. I need a nap.

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No way... I heard stories about your unsuccessful attempts to "hit on" the ladies at the front desk at the hotel...obviously you efforts paid off!

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...and last, but not least while all of y'all were out carving concrete I made arrangements to return to Gunnison in a week and give a certain young lady a ride on my K1200R...and here you all thought I was just being a lazy gen-xer and watching TV all week long! thumbsup.gif


Rodney, what was that highway that lets you get across Nebraska at Warp 9?


Can you ask her if she found my other sock? wink.gif


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Made it home safe. Had the pleasure of riding with Dick, Peter and Dave. Stayed overnight at Flagstaff before making the final 140 miles to Phoenix to avoid the heat and frankly I was exhausted...not quite a hard core rider yet. Thanks to all for making my first UNrally a memorable experience...it was a real treat to connect faces to such a caring community of fellow riders.


My most UNfunny momemt were the "bear jokes" at the local brewery...hANNAbone is that a bear tapping you on the shoulder? Dick thankyou for making me feel like a confident rider as sweeper on the ride to Redstone and the ride back home. Your knowledge and willingness to share is greatly appreciated! John Bellantonio, David Upton, Fernando, Dave Eisner and Paul Burkett...it was a pleasure meeting you!


Peter and Dick...if you ever decide on doing a tour of the Civil War battle fields please include me!

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No way... I heard stories about your unsuccessful attempts to "hit on" the ladies at the front desk at the hotel...obviously you efforts paid off!


Way! In spite of myself my efforts were apparently quite successful. However in my defense, I was only trying to "hit on" one. What can I say? Buells are chick magnets. grin.gif


(Course now, Steve's wife is going to make him trade that Uly on a GS...)


Ok, maybe not: the K1200R rolls out there next weekend! Boy am I going to get a lot of speeding tickets.

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Ken & Donna checking in home.


Thanks to Tasker, Steve & Matt, for their big parts in the event too.


Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit with EVERYONE like we wanted to.


See you all the next time around!

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Neither gusts of wind on I-76 nor rain from Omaha to DeKalb could keep this messenger from getting home.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Tom and Gabby checking in.


Dennis and I chose the same long route to get to Torrey as Fernando, only we took a wrong turn and made it longer. Oops. It didn't go over too well with the wimmin' folk. ...The dark side is calling...


Thanks for the room and board last night Bob, it is appreciated.


802 miles, 13hrs 55min in an old worn out now "Colorado Brown" jeep Cherokee. Yet another trip through Delta Utah without missing a meal at Tops City Cafe- you need a sweater in that place no matter what the outside temperature is. Having a 4wd took us to some places that were unbelievable. Pics to follow.

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Spent Friday night at Chuck's house in Woodland Park Colorado, so he made it home, then started from there this morning and just got home myself. Met some wonderful new friends, revisited great old friends, had some rides that gave me a high that will last for quite some time, and just enjoyed the heck out every aspect of the UN. Praise be to the UNorganizers, for they did one hell of a job!

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Joe and Mrs. Frickin', home safe and sound. Gotta apologize for quietly sneaking out of town on Thursday morning without saying goodbye to most of you, but we had to get the Goldwing back to Denver by 3 PM; as it was, we made it in at about 2:45. eek.gif But we had a great time! Masako enjoyed meeting so many of you, and I enjoyed seeing you again; and we both enjoyed our time together on the 'Wing.


So, to sum up:


-on Thursday we rode back to Denver;

-on Friday we flew back to Chicago;

-on Saturday (today), we drove back to Ann Arbor. crazy.gif


Tasker, to you and your team - thanks for all your hard work. We missed the MeatCapade, but the Italian dinner was excellent.


Shawn, we missed you. Torrey XIII or bust. thumbsup.gif

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Just got home about an hour and a half ago. Whew!


Kudos to all the crew who worked so hard to put another fabulous UN-Rally together. You all did a outstanding job.




Thanks to everyone who was there. I always love seeing you, and meeting more members of our community.


Can’t wait till next year!

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hANNAbONE & sIRrODNEY rolled into Des Moan at 1:30am this very early morning (Sat) 900 miles...


We would of been here much quicker - but Rodney's "plan" was to head on '50' eastbound towards '115' and come up underneath ColoSprings...head down I70 and head up to Kearney Neb...pickup I80 to home - riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight - All was well until 60 miles of FREAKIN' bicyclists slowed us both to a crawl along with every motorcop in the great state of 'rado on the '50'.


As I putted along thinking of all that had happened during the 7 days we spent in the colorful state, things that came to mind was the full laughter of one "WHIP" and "LIMECREEK" along with newbee's "BUD" and that hellacious "TENNESEE" rider. What a kill...I still chuckle to think of all the pucker jokes and "WHIP" absolutely stealin' the show with his sly comments...what a fun evening, every evening.!.!WOWZEE


You all made our trip, with all the brotherhood and shananigans that were pulled throughout our time together.


It was awesome to see so many I knew from the past -- and to meet so many more from this board. It was a real hoot to ride with you and to co-exist for the few hours we had.


Tommy Roe, my brutha from anutha mutha...thanks for showing man...huge kudo's to you for the guts to make it on an SV-650..how long did you stay ?? 17 hours or so??


Tasker and Ken 'n Donna...and anybody else that had a hand in this deal -- it was everything I thought it would be and more...you guys 'n gals just point the way next time and I'll do my darndess to be there again. You folks worked very very hard and it showed in the good times we all had. Many MANY thanks. You too, Fernando and Yoda...great to see you as always..you two are highly favored as riders and a total joy to commune with.


BeemerBoy & Debra -- always good to fondue with you two... thumbsup.gif


Craig, our very own sweep guy ... yes, the bear is waving to you to come on back..!! grin.gifgrin.gif


Santa, great to ride with you and watch you kill those corners, son..big fun --


Can we do it again,,,,,,real real soon... PLEASE??

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I'm back home. This was a great one!


Stopped to watch two small thunder storms while passing through N.E. Nebraska, and when I started again an ABS fault was tripped - haven't cleared it yet.


Anyways, all my expectations were exceeded.



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Also just got back... Did the long way around into Torrey but I realized when I got there that I didn't know where Bob's place was and got distracted by dinner at Cafe Diablo... thumbsup.gif


Left Torrey this Morning way late and was intending on stopping in South Lake Tahoe... Well that was a crowded mess of no vacancies and it was already sunset so I just kept rolling home. So I can make it to Torrey in 1 day after all grin.gif


Think I'm cooled down enough to go to bed now, will post back soonish with pictures, etc.

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Rode it pretty much straight through . . . home at 3 a.m. this morning. A great time!


What?!?!?!!! eek.gif Say it isn't so. An UnBOOMRally?!!!

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Back in Dallas; rode straight thru. Definately need a new saddle.


Thanks everyone for a great time; I don't plan on missing any future UNRally occasions!!


This new guy had a ball; the riding was fantastic, getting to know some of you even better.


Be safe,



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So I'm just west of Denver on I 70 and realize that there are about 900 miles of straight road ahead of me. DARN.


First - Thanks to Tasker and all who organized the UN. Great Job.


Second - I'm more of a marshmellow butt than an Iron Butt.


Third - No more chicken strips on my tires!!!


Fourth - Looking forward to being back in Ouray in August!!!


Fifth - Nice to put some faces to those names and meet some of those who only "lurk".


Fifth (A) - Had a great breakfast at Morrison. Mike O suggested that I order the "Spencer" which was enough food for 8. Then Dog Dancer and I went for a little ride up Mt. Evans. This is all pre-UN.


Fifth (B) Couple of great rides while at the UN.


Sixth - Whip and Bone are a real hoot!


Seventh - Thanks to TNT I slept with a roof over my head. OTOH - Tank was above me. grin.gif


Eighth - Home safe and sound clap.gifclap.gif

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