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h A N N A b O N E Says his favorite combo is a ....


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It wasn't hANNABONE's fav...it was one of the Texas contingent.....

I'll give ya a hint....."KEEP AUSTIN WIERD"


Whip's right. Someone from AUSTIN suggested that hANNABONE would find it very agreeable.

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...aGREEABLE...hic hec, yes, it's agreeable..you supply the candy bars and I've got the beer, brother....



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Hey, what about that Pucker?! dopeslap.gif It could go with a Snickers blush.gif


I think the lovely German girl took all the Pucker with her....



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A Guinness and just about anything if you ask me. There are a number of stouts out there with particularly nice chocolate tones that would go quite well, but Pucker.... eek.gif now that's a hard one to swallow tongue.gif.


Perhaps it's the chocolate in the 3 Musketeers that keeps you from falling asleep drinking a "lawn mowing" beer like Bud. blush.gif


Ummmmm, stout... now I'm drooling dopeslap.gif

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It's starting....... grin.gifthumbsup.gif


dEWD....yOU sTARTED this mess...


you're the one who made the snowball and sent it down the mountain...so now we've progressed to eek.gifeek.gifeek.gifTHIS eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif

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a "lawn mowing" beer like Bud.


Oh, that's about the best description of Budweiser I've ever heard! grin.gif


(lucky I live in a townhouse and don't have to mow the lawn!)

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Now, a Guinness and a Snickers bar?


It's starting....... grin.gifthumbsup.gif


I thought we weren't going to mention this till January when BoNE was bored and couldn't ride.




Mike O

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yEAH, wHAT gIVES... who started this thread anyway?? Oh, it was "BUD"...he's the one that had that new Walmart chair that he could barely get out of to pawn off that pucker stuff. Poor German Christiana didn't have a chance seeing that big tall brute handing her that sour apple mash in the "travel bottle" -- plastic and non-breakable -- while she gave backrubs to any and all that wanted them sucking on that flippin' plasticized pucker sour apple mash schnapp's stuff rubbing down one after another taking a hit every other minute...what a sight -- listening to Whip and Lime everytime they took a breath letting out another comment, it was one of the funniest things I think I've ever been apart of. Tommy Roe doing his Gleno impression and SirRodney comatose from the days ride and just barely able to breathe...let alone stay awake. BeneciaGt letting out all the stops, and Tennesee david being the recipient of the German "shoulder pinch"


Ach du liebe..!!

Und das lieben git vieta

Schlassen das fentser mit einen knall...


It was a sensory overload for me...I'm giggling just reliving it in my mind...what a friggen hoot...


Let's do it again - real soon.!! thumbsup.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Um, I think she actually finished it that night - oooh tongue.gif.


Don't think tooooooooooooo much, my dear, it could be wrong confused.gif

The pucker was my company until tuesday this week and than it was gone bncry.gif.

So I tried to survive the last three days on the road without.

Every zip I took it was in memory of the lovely time with all you crazy and wonderful guys cool.gif



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