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A couple of UNRally V Gunnison Pictures

Ken H.

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SWEET thumbsup.gif


Thanks very much for posting these pictures. My hands are shaking and I feel ill right now. Just thinking of the friends and roads I am missing bncry.gif


Right about where this picture was taken I'd be yelling in my helmet...YEEE HAAAAW grin.gif



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Great on the move images. Looks like you're experiencing the Black Canyon of the Gunnison (92), the descent to Lake City (149), and near Paonia Reservoir (133) on the way to McClure Pass. Excellent.

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Very nice shots. Glad your camera didn't break any sooner than it did. We enjoyed riding with you guys and having enough time to get to know you too. Looking forward to seeing more shots too!

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Man, I'm sitting here looking at these pictures and I keep hearing myself say


Thanks so much. Really enjoyed it.

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