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City cases, removing the innner wall/barrier


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I have a 99 R1100RTP with the city cases/lids. The city cases have this annoying plastic containing wall from the bottom to about halfway up the inner case. I assume it there to hold stuff in. But it seems to limit the size of items that I can easily put in my city cases.


Has anyone removed or cut that wall about halfway down so they can hold larger items in the city cases?


I see that there is a grommet holding the wall in place. How do I remove that wall without destroying the inner case?

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Is it a rivet holding that barrier in place? If so, drill it out. Get a drill bit slightly smaller that the overall diameter of the rivet, start drilling with light pressure, and when the head spins loose, you're through. Since the bag is doublewalled and you can't get inside, the rivet will not be completely removable ( from the inside ), so, you'll have to file or grind the stud off.


With the city case lids on, does the barrier really limit storage space? I would think with regular lids on, this would limit, but not with city lids, since they have no real depth to them

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What Jeff said. This was the same thing I did to remove the cop doughnut holders from my RT-P cases. Use care to not crack the plastic and add them to your BMW parts museum.


..and check your email for pictures of the helmet lock method...

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Mine just popped out with very little effort. I think that they were loosened from overloading with cyclops and bismarks.

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