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Cee Bailey seats


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Has anyone tried the seats from Cee Bailey? The idea that they make aircraft seats sounds like they know about long hours in the saddle. Thoughts?





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tom collins

I have one I got about 18 months ago. I tested several that belonged to buddies including Rick Mayer, Corbin, Sargent and Wunderlich. When they were not good, I ordered the Bailey. I really want to like this Bailey, but for me it just hasn't worked out too well, but still better than stock. I have 2 pressure points right on the theighs with this seat.

The whold problem with the rt seat is that the fore to aft room is very short. As a result, you really have no moving room, so where you sit must be absolutely perfect. For me, the Bailey just isn't. I should have sent it back for adjustment, but didn't want to be without the bike.

It is heated, which is very nice, leather and very good looking on the bike, but just isn't great without a bit of squirming about. A sheepskin helps a lot, but I bought a Sundowner seat for my Harley for about 1/3 the cost and not custom made that feels great at all times. but that bike has more fore to aft room than the rt.

Good luck, you may have to experiment some.


tom collins

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I have ridden about 10K on my Bailey and would not trade it for anything. I previously had the stocker, of course, a Corbin ordered with the bike, a Russel, and now the Bailey. It is great! The first CB was too wide in the horn part of the seat, much like the Corbin was. That was immediately corrected by CB. I expect that may be the problem with Tom Collins seat, and hence his comment. Tom, have you had the horn part shaved down at all? Otherwise your legs can be spread too far apart at your hips, causing the hot spots on your thighs as noted. I have short legs (29" inseam on a tall day) so anything that makes me shorter (i.e. spreading my legs farther apart, makes me shorter - not a good thing!

You have to judge but for the money, I would not hesitate to get another CB. IMO, FWIW.

Ride safely.

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Not too many replies yet, and I don't want to sound negative, but we had issues with ours on our RT. Steve at CB really made an effort, to his credit, but they never really ever got it right for us. Especially the pillion one. So an A for effort, but a C- for execution.


But to be fair, mail order seating, especially when you're trying to do custom configuration work is a tough nut to crack.

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The CB seat has worked out well for me, it allows long days without fanny fatigue. I did send it back for some adjustment which was handled well, so all in all a good experience. I do agree with a previous comment about mail order seating; no doubt a ride in session would be the ultimate for a truly custom seat.

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I've had mine for 3 or 4 months now. Had Steve add 2 inches to the overall height....and that worked out just great! In cold weather, the seat itself is hard....real hard...but after a couple of minutes of riding, you can feel it softening up. I don't know if it's the electric pad that's doing this.....or the material they added. But I love it. Another thing I had done was to get them to narrow down the vertical pad at the back of the seat. It's about half as thick as it was.


I don't own any of the company stock and am not on their board.....just my .02 cents worth.



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