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GS Vario Cases on a R12GS Adventure???


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I don't have either bikes here in front of me, so I can't answer the question for a friend, but I bet him someone here knows!:


Is it possible to put R1200GS Vario Cases on a R1200GS Adventure?? Looks to be so, but again, I'm looking at pictures.



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Just about anything is possible...


I asked a dealer the same question. Reply: they have not yet been designed to work on the Adventure rack.

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Well, it looks like the tail section ( luggage rack ) is the same on both. Obviously the stainless steel racking on the Adv is only good with it's sweet Touratech bags, but it sure looks like a ADV will take Vario bags....just not 100%, havent tried it

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Everything is the same . You need the Vario cases AND the GS mounting kit (both sides). You must remove all of the GSA rack hardware INCLUDING the top rack. If you want to mount a Vario top case you have to buy the standard GS top rack to do it. PM me if you need a GS top rack.


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