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Lucas oil products?


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I have used the fuel treatment in all my rides. This stuff really works no crap.My RT was topping out at 105. Added the fuel treatment and got up to 126. All speeds measured with a Garmin SP III.Most people I have told about this stuff have put it in their cars with the check engine light "on" and it usually clears the fault. I have no affiliation to this company or product. Just nice to buy something that actually works. thumbsup.gif

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To be entirely honest...

I was only thinking about the synthetic stuff when I posted the original.


I have seen various posts on this list that mention using synthetics for all fluids.

I'm trying to figure out

a: why would I want to do this?

b: will it void the warranty? surely it will.

c: is it worth the effort to do?


I have no affiliation either but I do use the oil stabilizer in my cars and my trusted wrench guy tells me he uses it on his cars.

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My dad was an over the road 18 wheeler trucker, he used their oil stabilizer in his Cummins powered trucks over the years and never had a problem that could be traced to its use. My experience is limited to using it in my '77 Eldorado where it quieted the tired old engine down and stopped it from burning oil long enough to get me through college and first year of work.


That said, I'm not sold on using their additive with today's oil. I don't believe it would hurt, and converstations with some dyno people at Lubrizol who investigate oil additves and additive packages, indicate same, but for an engine in good condition, modern oil should be enough on it's own.


OTOH, if you are looking to use their oil, I'd check out if they have an API or other rating established and if so whether or not it falls into the required one. I'd be concerned if they do not have any kind of API or similar rating available.

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