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Short Alpine Trip


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Last week we were in Austria for ten days, in the very beautiful province of Tirol. The roads are in excellent condition and the most stunning ones are in nature reserve parks or even privately owned. Some of them charge for their use. It is tempting to stop around every corner and take pictures, but the riding is so good, it’s hard to pull over. Great long winding descends, sharp small hairpins, high Alpine roads. I’m already planning to go back in September…


View from our room. Our hotel was called “zur Schönen Aussicht".




Ample parking space behind the hotel.




The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. Takes your breath away.




From the Panorama terras.




Parking just under the “Edelweiss Spitze”. The highest point you can reach by road.




More Hochalpenstrasse.




First hairpin down from the “Edelweiss Spitze”.



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Great pictures Miriam !

Good to see you had good weather up there smile.gif


I am leaving for home tomorrow morning...... been riding similar roads the past week clap.gif


Frans wave.gif

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That's made me depressed! I tried to do a similar trip at the end of May but it rained so persistently I carried on over the Alps via the Brenner Pass (which is boring) into Italy instead! Fabulous pictures. Just makes me more determined to have another go next year, maybe later on.

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Miriam, It's great to see those shots. I was there in '04 and your pics took me right back. I got out my album of photos and started to reminisce. Austria is a fabulace place. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Lovely Pics, Austria was my first trip abroad, I was 13, only a few years ago wink.gif, Now that's what I call bike parking facilities.





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Have you posted a ride report?


No no not yet. Too busy riding & planning a new trip & selling my RT. But was in Luxembourg for 3 days with the GS Adventure : wow it was fun...






here two different kinds of boxer-engines together




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