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First Impression - Competition Music Monitors


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I received these yesterday in the mail.

Ear Inc Competition Monitors


I like them - alot. They fit pretty good (gotta press them in pretty hard to get the fit right), the cord is high quality, and they give you a great carrying case with a belt attachment.


The SQ is not the greatest. However, SQ is the least of your worries when trying to listen to music on a motorcycle.


The noise reduction is about as good as my foam earplugs from rite aid. The hearing test center says they are probably good for a realistic 20db NR (same as the ear plugs).


They are a pain to insert/remove, because they fit like a suction cup. Not painful, just requiring more than 5 seconds to remove.


The music is clear and easy to listen to, and the wind noise from the outside world is drastically reduced. I find myself riding slower with tunes (not as bored so I am not looking to end my ride as quickly), and with much less fatigue at the end of my rides.


They have new Iplugz that are supposed to have higher SQ. I didn't know about them until after I received my order. Oh well, live and learn.


Overall, I highly recommend something similar to these if you like to listen to music when you ride. I have gone without any music for years, so this is a huge treat for me.


FYI, my MP3 player is the Creative Zen Vision:M. I like it because I can change the volume with a simple up/down movement of my finger - not the rotating of the stupid ipod. It means I can safely adjust volume as I ride thumbsup.gif


Anyways, hope this encourages you guys to get something similar for your rides. The built-in radio on the bike, or using regular headphones, is bad for your hearing.

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I have been using these for about three years now. I absolutely love them. I have to send them in to have the transistor fixed. (minimal cost) The nice lady says you only get about three years out of them, for a variety of reasons.

Maybe I will try the newer one in the future. I would like to have two pair.

As far as putting them in. I lick mine before putting them in and they slide right in. There are folks out there that may advocate not doing that but it works for me (for years) with no problems.

I initially used olive oil but that became too much of a pain in the ....

hope this helps and enjoy

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I often use my portable DVD player when traveling by plane, but it's next to impossible to hear the movie over the cabin noises.


These earplugs/earphones look like they would be pretty good -- I just wish they weren't so darned pricey!

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