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Avoided wreck, what a reminder II

Green RT

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I had a close call yesterday.


My house is on the corner of a cul-de-sac and a residential street. I pulled out of my driveway and approached the intersection of the cul-de-sac and street. I was only about 50 feet from my driveway. I was moving about 5 mph. I looked left then started to make a right turn. Then I realized there was a car coming from my left. I stopped about 2 feet short of being in her path. She was only moving about 25 mph. I don't know how I missed seeing her, must have been the shadows and maybe vegetation. I might have looked a couple of feet before I get a clear view of the road.



Not only can cars fail to see motorcycles, motorcycles can fail to see cars.

You can never be too close to home to have an accident; familiarity with an intersection doesn't mean it can't bite you.


Be careful out there.

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I have found that the ONLY times I have come close to dropping my bike are when I ANTICIPATE something being one way, and it ends up being different.


Sounds to me like you were approaching the intersection, which doesn't sound like it is normally too busy, believing that traffic would be clear so you could roll slowly through your right turn. Then you found it was not, but by then had put yourself into an uncomfortable situation. Been there, done that!


I now try to approach every such intersection/situation telling my brain that I WILL need to STOP. If it turns out to be clear, then I can proceed slowly through, no harm done. If not, then I am ready for the stop.


Haven't had any little "moments" since I started playing this game with myself.


Stay safe!



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Shawnee Bill

I come out of the same little side road for 25 years now, car or motorcycle I check both ways as I roll the stop sign always assuming no one is coming because usually the way is clear. Haven't pulled out in front of anyone yet but have to slam on the brakes more often than I should admit.


Familiarity with an intersection makes it much more dangerous I think.

Should I move?


I do check better on the bike than in the car.

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I live on a side street of a main highway. I always pull up to the stop sign look left to turn right. On this day I did just that with nothing coming left I pulled out to the right to be greeted by the sight of a tractor trailer passing a car(no passing lane) in the opposite direction. how I was not crunched is still a mystery. needless to say I now stop look both ways and then look again.



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