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slip sliding away...


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It was a dark and stormy night, the rain had been falling for hours all the way from central Oregon . I was closing in to home and decided to swing off in Fife just to ride by a car dealer to see if this sweet little BMW 530 was still there… Well some how I got over a little toooooooo close to the white fog line..


Down I went. I will remind those of you who have not gone down recently, traveling about 70 mph that this all happens way to fast.


The bike dug into my right foot and we slid along until I decided that it would be funner with out the extra weight on me, so I pushed off. It is kind of a weird thing to roll over and slid along on your back side watching your wondrous steed slide away.


We all came to rest… limped around for a few min in a haze gathering my thoughts and the foot peg. Someone stopped and called the authorities. After about 5 min or so I had the bike righted and was now bored. The right side cylinder head was ground down and just weeping a little bit of oil.. the bag cover had this nice flat spot, and the foot peg was in the top box now. Hey! It starts fine… Time to go!


I rode it to the dealer and called my wife. She loves it when I start conversations with “OK, I am totally fine, but…” she came and took me in to have my foot examined (she kept asking them to look at my head??). No broken bones. YaHoo!


The damage will be about $800.00 and now my roadcrafter has some personality, and helmet a bit of a scrape on the chin bar…


Still limping a bit but can’t wait to get her back…



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I was expecting a pirate ship for a while there...


Bummer, why do they use paint for lines in the USA? In the UK we use a chalk/bitumen/sand mix that has got some grip in the wet. Mind you, paint is better than the white stick-on plastic that the French use on the dashed lines on the Autoroute.


Heal fast and get riding soon,


Andy thumbsup.gif

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Bummer, why do they use paint for lines in the USA?

Motorcyclists have a double-whammy here in California - if it isn't painted lines, then it's raised pavement markers of the "Botts Dots" variety.

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