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Defective Front light warning symbol


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I have a Kissan headlight modulator installed on 06 RT. I had a headlight russian roullette going on. Sometimes all the lights but most times any combination off. At 600 mile service, was told a connector was not properly installed (Kissan was installed by same dealer). Came back working fine. Now all lights are on but the defective headlight symbol is lit constantly. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks. Scott

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I believe that the defective bulb light will remain lit while the headlight modulator is activated. I've seen several RT's with the Kisan modulator installed, and while off ( low-beam only ), the warning light is off, but when the modulator is doing it's thing, the Can-Bus recognizes this as irregular voltage to the headlight and throws the headlight fault. No problems, just a warning light.


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I use a Kisan modulator. My high beam bulb indicator flashes on and off while the modulator is active. I like that because it lets me know that it is working. The bulb indicator will remain solid if I turn the high beam off. I have found that if I quickly turn the high beam on and off, the bulb out indicator will go off.

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