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Tire Changing Advice


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If you are doing this on the ground, work bench or other flat surface, make sure your rim is elevated. Once you flip the wheel over, the rubber with the broken bead cannot be resting on anything. That will give it room to get out of the way when you break the second bead. I hope that makes sense.

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Right, make sure you block under the rim to get clearance for the rotor(s). I just put a new set of tires on my bike. Two things mage it very nuch easier: put your rim and tire as well as the new tire out in the sun until it is hot and use armor-all or the like for a lubricant. I was able to break the bead on my front tire by pushing in very hard with a rounded point of hard plastic! John S Boise on new Metzlers

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Thanks Scotty and Oreana 123,

I let the tire sit in the sun all day,-the warm tire made a big difference-lubed the hell out of it,with soap and water, coca-cola and mounting lubricant that I got off of a tire guy at work. Tack welded a 14" rim to a steel plate on the floor, pushed down with a 6" ram on a port-a-power jack, on the unbroken bead, came off like nothing!

Last night an old trucker who changed a lot of tires said they used to use coca-cola for a lubricant to break a bead, must be something in the old coke formula,'cause it doesn't work now ...ask me how I know.

One thing wrong was the jig I made to hold the jack, it didn't have a long enough stroke...to be corrected in the future. Well, gotta go clean the garage floor and put the new tire on....

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