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Metzeler ME880 Marathon discontinued?


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I am trying to purchase the above but the dealers in this area (Toronto/Canada) claim those tires have been discontinued.

They say the Metzeler RoadTec Z6 is a good replacement for the ME880.

Anyone have experience wit the the RoadTec Z6 e.g performance and mileage?


Appreciate your observation


Jurgen, The Sensitive One.

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Well, the tires can be bought in the same size but that is about it.


If I may permitted to generalize, you will pay a big milage penalty in terms of tire wear going to a Z6 as compared to the 880. In round numbers, you could reasonably expect to get 10K miles on a rear 880 and only around 8K out of Z6. Tire wear can and does vary between regions due to road composition, inflation pressures, and rider habits but those numbers should do for comparison purposes.


Fronts don't seem to present as much of a difference and I would not hesitate to match a Z6 front with an 880 rear.


Another option might be to ride down to the US and get the tire fitted there. They still list the 880 as available for your bike on the US web site.

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It's hard to believe they would discontinue the 880 without a replacement model - do they have a new touring tyre?

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I can only repeat what the dealers say with respect to the (alleged (learned that word from the lawyers)) discontinuation, but apparently the RoadTec Z6 (according to a Metzeler Tire Guide) spans the Street and Sport Touring range.


Jurgen, The Sensitive One

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They still list the 880 as available for your bike on the US web site.



Thanks for your help, Ed.

I was toying around with that idea myself, if I can make the Vermont Rally, if not, I may go down Florida way in early August to score the 880.

It's just that the current rear is pretty flat and nearly down to the wear mark, I'd have to pick dry days, for sure.


Jurgen, The Sensitive One.

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The ME880 is prominently shown on the Metzeler site. No indication is given that it is, or is to be, discontinued.


It is also in stock at all sorts of US discount tire places such as Motorcycle Pro Shop.


By the way, why on earth are you trying to buy a bike tire from a Canadian dealer?? Canadian motorcycle tire prices are a complete ripoff.


I live in Vancouver, and what I do is order my tires from one of the US discount houses (such as the one mentioned above), then have it shipped to a freight forwarder in a US border town. The price difference is staggering.


The last pair of tires I bought in the Vancouver area (an ME880 rear and an ME330 Front) cost over $430 CDN (INCLUDING Burnaby Kawasaki's 20% discount and taxes!).


The same tires bought from a US discounter cost me $260 CDN INCLUDING shipment, and Canadian GST tax (Bike tires have no duty). All I had to do was go across the border and pick them up.


If that is not convenient, another alterative is to have them shipped to you directly. You will pay a little more in shipping, but the main problem is that you will have to pay Border Brokerage, which is based on the worth of the goods (the more the goods cost, the more they charge you in brokerage fees, even though the paperwork is the same for one tire, as it is for 10 of them!).



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Hello Bob, thanks for the reply.

That sounds like a good idea, I am about 2 hrs away from the U.S. border in Kingston. I am currently working on another possibility, if that doesn't work out, I get some more info from you via PM, Ok?


Jurgen, The Sensitive One.

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Anyone have experience wit the the RoadTec Z6 e.g performance and mileage?
As has been mentioned already, the 880's deliver about twice the mileage as the Z6 with no discernable losses in performance. I have used both and attest to this fact.
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I had an email from Metzler just a week or so ago, that stated something like "We have no intention of changing the available products at this time...." when I asked about the 880's for my LT. Did you look under the "Cruiser" side AND the "Sport Touring" side as well? Took me a bit to find where they were.



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Hi, All,

I had heard the Michelin Macadam 50 tires were being discontinued (just bought a set for my K1100LT), but I haven't heard anything like that about the Metzeler ME880. The ME88 was discontinued some time ago. Maybe the dealer was confused (or didn't want to go to the trouble of ordering a tire as opposed to selling you something he already had in inventory).

Ride Safe,

Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX

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