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Ohlins: Question on Adjustments


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Made the Installation w/o problems using Ohlin factory settings. The bike, '96 1100RT, sits on the low side per the specs (F1-F2,F3 etc.) The front end is a bit "heavy". I think I need to make an adjustment but the assy has the pair of retaining rings at the top of the shocks. The question is, are these supposed to be adjustable while ON the bike or is a (partial) remival required? Any correlation between millimeters on the shock and mm rise of the supsension?

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I fitted an Ohlins shock some time ago on the rear of my RT and pondered the same questions as you. I contacted the local Ohlins distributor and he told me under no circumstances should I adjust the spring length.

High performance shocks should be fitted with the correct spring length and settings tailor made for each bike and performance/service application.

In spite of his insistance, I'm know that extremely small adjustments either way can be tolerated but I sure wouldn't go too far.

Spring lengths are quite critical and adjustments can affect undesirable changes in the rate and dynamic frequency.

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You have adjsmnt rings at the bottom of the shock. If these do not provide enough adjsmnt, the 'retianing rings' at the top can be removed and an adjusting collar can be placed up top to compress the spring a bit further. That's what I did with great results.


I highly suggest you have a shock guy such as Stig Petterson or Kyle Racing do it. You will need a different retaining ring in the process.

To add...the adjustmnet up top is there for the GS setups, but when you order for an RT, Ohlins only sets it up for adjsmnt at the bottom.

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Thanks for the replies. I gave Ohlin my data and they set up the shocks. The pair of rings on both shocks is at the top. Thus to add any length to the shock dim I guess I would have to remove the shocks to dial in more mm. Without more at-hand experience I will leave things alone. Maybe I can find someone at Paonia to assist me.

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