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The R12RT weight


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Since I had to work fathers day today, I mentioned to my fellow maintenance workers that I wondered what the real weight of my rt was. They said, lets weigh it since none of the bosses are here today. So we put it on the scales and it weighed 660 lbs. with both side cases, the top case, and assorted gear like helmet, change of clothes, 1st gear leather jacket and liner, aerostitch pants, lots of maps, a 3 beam mag light, etc, etc. Then, I took all the cases off and it went down to 585 lbs. So thats 75 lbs of stuff i carry around. And still get 50 miles and plenty of smiles to the gallon. Thats also with about 1/3 of a tank of gas.

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The front office just called. You are hereby requested to report to the head dude. Unlawful use of company property. grin.gif

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