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New ride on a new ride.


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Have not posted in a while. Lots to do lately and and if I get any riding time in, it leaves little time for other things.


The wife has always liked sport bikes, and I have always liked sport touring. An RT was I thought the best bike I would ever own, but after avoiding some pretty costly repairs on the RT, I started looking at it like it was a problem waiting to happen. So off to the dealer I go, and with a little coaxing from her looked at the sportier bikes. Well,I ended up on a new K1200S. And wow, what a bike.


Getting ready to request the vacation for the yearly trip, and thought this weekend I would try the S out on a distance ride with out the bar risers, just to make sure I was not gonna have to place that order or kill my back.


After 300 miles of mountain riding, over mountain passes and through the twisties, I have to say that I am very happy with the performance of the new bike (and the back too, but it's not new). This thing has a 6 speed transmission, but I am not sure what you need the middle gears for. You need first to get going, and once in sixth, it feels like you do not ever seem to need to downshift. The dealer told me to keep it under 7000RPM until it is broke in. I was worried about that, the last Interceptor I had did not get it's legs until 7000 RPM. The S, sixth gear ~4000 RPM and 90 MPH. For now I can live with that 7000 RPM limit. thumbsup.gif


This thing truly runs like it is on rails. The motor seems to have endless power, and my riding buddy who rides a 2001 RT, told me he was pretty sure that if I would not have slowed for him a few times, he would have never caught up with me.


If you ever get a chance to ride on of these S models, do so. They will have you grinning from ear to ear.


BMW K1200S - The ultimate ticket machine. grin.gif

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