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Henrik Jordahn

Those 100$ hamburgers...

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Henrik Jordahn

...well, not quite, but you know how private pilots sometimes take a hop to somewhere with a good burger and then fly home again.


I had the chance to meet up with my Mum's cousin, he rode his 1100rs from Copenhagen to Keysersberg near Colmar in France. Started on Thursday with two friends on a k1200rs and a R100S.


Keysersberg is 265kms from Luxembourg, and the weather seemed to nice this morning. At 10 I headed down to the garage, dropped the photo bag in the left case (to take care of that PTTR (which I haven't noticed on my bike, but better safe than sorry)) and mounted my good steed that has been sitting much so still since Easter.


It was cloudy but dry and traffic was not too heavy as I headed south to France on the motorways. Down past Thionville, Metz and Nancy, not much to describe, but at least a field of rape here and there, these lovely yellow flowers and the pungent smell of honey,mmmmmmm.


After Nancy the terrain slowly starts to rise towards the Vosges mountains and the autoroute becomes a bit more twisty, wonderful to glide through the landscape at 80 to 100mph in long sweeping curves.


The motorway ends close to St. Dié and here are two ways to get across the mountain: A pass and a tunnel.


As it had started to rain just a bit I thought it prudent to take the tunnel, only I hadn't realized I came out 20kms north of my planned route. Oh well, only 20mins late for our lunch date.


Keysersberg is right at the Easter foot of the Vosges, to the East the terrain is flat and to the West the mountains rise. The dominant crop is grapes so no surprise in the many vinyards advertising samples and 'boutiques'. The town is not very large and the houses date back to late 1500 in the old town centre. Very pittoresque.


Kristian's two mates had gone off to see Colmar, so it was just the two of us, quite lucky, the restaurants were very busy and we only just managed to get a table in one of them. (Keysersberg is swarmed by tourists). We had our salads and talked about family and motorbikes and around 3:30 I headed back home.


This time I wanted to go by the pass and after a fuelstop I went up the mountain. A very nice road, well paved (not always a given with French roads) maybe a tad too much traffic. The rain that was falling while we were eating had stopped so the road was good and I felt comfortable going up at a good pace.


The scenery was beautiful, have to go back for a weekend with the wife. We will pass through on our way to Italy this summer, there is a nice church in Ronchamp, designed by Le Corbousier in 1954, not far from Colmar.


The ride home was about 2:20, not bad for 265kms, starting with the first 80kms in twisties and single carriageway roads.


One incident confirmed my dislike for French riders, though. I have once remarked how they ride with their head in the sidecase, and this one today just proved it big time. I was behind two cars in the left (fast) lane overtaking a single car in the right lane. The first car pulls right when he is past the slower car and I hang back and waits for the second car to pull right as well and leave the road open for me. In the mirror I see a bike approaching fast, and a few hundred meters behind me he pulls into the right lane, comes up and passes me on the inside, goes between the two cars in the right lane and the car in front of me, not really considering that he is close to start pulling into the right lane after passing the slower car. What a jerk! I was putting along at 140kph, my guestimate is he was doing around 180 to 200, and of course he was turning off the autoroute 2 kms further down the road so he had to slow for that anyway. [/vent]


Now I await a call tomorrow from Kristian and his twin brother, they may drop by on their way north, and I would not mind getting a little taste of Søren's K1, the bike looks funny, but I've heard tell that it is not a bad bike wink.gif

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Thanks for the story, Henrik. You live in such a wonderful place. I'd love to be there to visit the Ardennes, and just zip up to Francorchamps for the roads and the races.


What are the roads like on either side of the Rhine? I "fly" there regularly in simulations of an earlier era and only know of the German rail route. Is it possible to ferry a motorcycle on the river?

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Henrik Jordahn

I haven't followed the Rhine, yet, but along the Moselle from Luxembourg to Koblenz (where the Moselle flows into the Rhine) the roads are decent for most of the time, and the landscape is wonderful.


For ferrying a bike on the river, well, if you have a boat big enough, no problem. The barges that ply the rivers often have a car or two with them, occasionally you see a bike as well. Some places still have ferries that cross the river but I guess that is mostly for the benefit of the tourists.

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