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As you wish: CCM Motorcycles rolls out factory customization


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CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom
CCM Motorcycles epitomizes the symbiosis between motorcycle manufacturers and the custom scene. The boutique British brand’s offerings are all based on the same lightweight single, and they all riff on popular custom styles. So motorcycle customization is quite literally baked into what they do.

Now CCM is taking things up a notch, by offering a commission service that will pretty much go as deep as your pockets allow. This CCM Tracker and Roadster are the first two commissioned bikes off the production line—and despite how good they look, they only scratch the surface of what’s on offer.

CCM Motorcycles Tracker factory custom
The concept is as simple as it is brilliant. The six models currently in CCM’s catalog are all built using the company’s likable Spitfire platform. The Spitfire uses a twin-spar chromoly trellis frame, with a 600 cc single-cylinder motor kicking out 55 hp.

CCM uses different subframes, seats, wheels, exhausts, handlebars, and finishes to give each model its distinct style. And with a dry weight in the region of 145 kilos [320 lbs], depending on the trim, each is barrels of fun in its own way.

CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom
This approach means that each CCM model is effectively a custom Spitfire—so all that CCM has done, is make the customer part of the customization process. And the way they’ve set it all up means that there are myriad ways to approach it.

Customers can order a base version of each CCM model, or they can choose from various primo versions of the bike that include various customization options and parts upgrades. With that selection as a starting point, the customer can then personalize individual bits and pieces via a configurator on CCM’s website. There are 20 points of customization out of the box, with the potential for more if the website doesn’t quite cater to your needs.

CCM Motorcycles Tracker factory custom
Paint is the most obvious option on the table. You can pick from a preset selection of bodywork and frame colors—or you can select the ‘bespoke’ option for each, and liaise directly with CCM to come up with something fresh. It’s the same story with the seat; choose between vinyl or various leather colors, or go full custom.

You can also choose between carbon fiber or color-matched bodywork, and pick the color of your bike’s anodized parts, right down to every last little fastener. Various handlebar options, different radiator and headlight protectors, leather and luggage options, and a smorgasbord of carbon fiber and aluminum trim bits.

CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom
On the performance side, CCM offers an upgraded engine map and a different-sized rear sprocket to fine-tune your bike for off-the-line pop or high-speed cruising. You can select the color of the stock J.Juan brakes, or upgrade to a Brembo system. Color options are available for the forks too, and the front and rear suspension are both upgradeable to Öhlins parts.

Each model has a couple of exhaust options, including full titanium systems. You can swap out the wheels on select models, or upgrade from the standard Excel rims to swanky Dymag hoops. And if the configurator’s options don’t float your boat, you can reach out to CCM to discuss further options; since most of these parts are interchangeable, nothing is off the table.

CCM Motorcycles Tracker factory custom
The black and yellow street tracker shown here has the distinction of being CCM’s first commissioned build. It started as a CCM Tracker, but it now sports a fluorescent yellow frame and a whack of black finishes. All the bodywork has been painted in a deep midnight black color, along with all the carbon fiber trim.

Every last part has been hit with either a black Cerakote or anodized finish, punctuated by yellow accents on the headlight nacelle, levers, and 19” flat track wheels. Together with a host of other parts and finishes, including Alcantara upholstery, this CCM Tracker carries a price tag of £21,598 [roughly $26,989] over the base model’s £12,495 [about $15,613].

CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom
The brand’s second commission is this pink and silver CCM Roadster, fetching a price tag of £17,841 [about $22,297]. This bobber’s striking paint job is not one of CCM’s standard options but was a special request from the client. The fenders and headlight cowl are painted to match, but the frame and wheels are black.

It’s dressed with several CNC-machined parts and sports the Roadster’s optional twin exhaust system. Twin Brembo brakes add extra stopping power to the front, while carbon fiber covers adorn the engine. The contrast diamond stitching on the seat is a nice touch too.

CCM Motorcycles Tracker factory custom
Both of these bikes also feature CCM’s new dash layout, which uses a round digital speedo to juggle all the requisite information. It’s one of numerous improvements that CCM is rolling out on their 2024 bikes—though they haven’t released a full list of model year updates yet.

Other bits—like the bikes’ bar-end mirrors, swingarm-mounted license plate and rear light brackets, and tidy chain guards—all add up for a pair of bikes that could easily pass for high-end customs.

CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom
It takes CCM a matter of weeks to piece a custom-ordered bike together, with the option of having it delivered or picking it up from the factory. But there’s a catch; as it stands, CCM’s motorcycles are only available in the UK. (They assure us that they’re in the process of investigating international distribution.)

And if you’re wondering, these bikes are made to be street-legal. Since CCM is an actual motorcycle manufacturer, the base models and all of the options on offer are homologated for road use.

CCM Motorcycles Tracker factory custom
When a motorcycle company touts the ‘factory custom’ tag, we usually cringe at what they might end up producing. But CCM has knocked these two bikes out of the park. We’ve been fans of the Spitfire since day one, and the possibility of tweaking it from the factory is highly appealing.

Our heads are already spinning with ideas.

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CCM Motorcycles Roadster factory custom

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