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R1200RT Remove (and replace) rear wheel


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So I got a seriously flat rear tire (second one in 4200 miles, grr), but this time I don't think I fill up with air and make the trip into the dealer safely so I am thinking of just removing the rear wheel to take in. I have read the outline in the manual and I realize that I will need to get some tools for this (like a T50 Torx bit). However I wonder what else I will need. My wrenchin' skills are pretty dang low, sometimes I feel lucky that I am able to add oil when the indicator comes on.


Is this a job that one person can do?

Can this be done with just the centerstand or do I need to get some other type of jack/stand?

Are there any little tricks or gotcha's I should be aware of?




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It's pretty straight forward, DL and shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes; just follow the instructions outlined in your owner’s manual.


Use a torque wrench on your fasteners on reassembly, make certain to align the exhaust clamp--(on disassembly, mark the position with a felt tip pen or just make a mental note), and check the clearance between the can and tire as instructed in the manual.


The weight of bike is biased to the front, so your center stand is all you need to raise the rear wheel off the ground and remove it.

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There is nothing too hard to do. Straightforward job really, and the weight is biased to the front wheel, however as added measure, you may want to chock the front wheel to stop the bike going over centre on the main stand.

Or maybe a strap like this thumbsup.gif




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That strap thing worked like a charm. Anyway the wheel is now off the bike, not to difficult. The dealer doesn't open up until Tuesday, so it will be a few days before I can try the replace part.


Some notes from the removal task:

In addition to the T50 Torx to get the wheel off you need a T45 bit to undo the hanger bolt on the muffler and a 15mm deep socket to undo the nut on the exhaust clamp.

The picture in the manual makes it look like the exhaust should rotate up and away. I found it rotates down and away.


Other than that a very straight forward job. Thanks for the hints.



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I took my wheel off for the first time on Saturday to replace the tyre - I didn't have a deep enough 15mm socket, but a 15mm ring spanner was pefectly adequate. I smothered the threads of the clamp bolt with a copper based high melting point grease to stave off corrosion in anticipation of the next time. Be careful what you use as this will get very hot and bake on any cheap grease.

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