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New LT, Don't know how to work everything! HELP!!


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I just bought a 2003 K12LT E and it is loaded beyond belief.


I have 3 questions.


I have an alarm on it, I want to change programming to mode B, the book says how to do it, but where is the programming plug I need to take to an earth ground to get into programming?


The factory Midland CB is in the trunk, the harness is in the glovebox. It slides onto the bottom, then has 2 jacks that plug into the top of it. I have an antenna mast about 6-8" tall that goes on the top of the CB and a battery pack in the trunk. The bike has 2 Whip style antennas, I am assuming one is FM radio, and the other is CB antenna. If So, is the whip antenna integrated into the harness that plugs into the CB itself? Or is there something that has to plug into the top of the CB on the antenna port that has a black cap on it?


I have the Factory Installed BMW Colormap Auto routing/Voice GPS. When powered on it says It is unable to locat mapsource card....or something like that... what do I need to do?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I don't know the answer, but you might try posting in the BMW LT Forums for help. I've poked around there before and they seem to have very knowledgable folks that are eager to assist.


Safe Riding on your new toy


Mike O

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