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radar detector mount


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I finally got around to buying a Passport Solo S2 radar detector. The problem I have now is where to put the darn thing on my 02 R1150RS. I have a friend that tells me they work just fine in a pocket (it is battery powered)that they don't really require a line of site? I'm thinking of just putting it in my tankbag map pocket which is a tiny bit inconvenient for getting to the switches..Any ideas would be appreciated.

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On the RT and the GS I used a RCU shelf. Added an aux power outlet in the dash and powered the V-1 that way. Works great.

On the S it's mounted in the tankbag w/ the remote above the speedo. Works ok. I do think you lose a bit of range with it hidden but if I'm paying attention I still see them before they see me. It's a trade off in that case to get that clean look. cool.gif

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they don't really require a line of site?


Actually they do require line of sight. The good ones will work while inside a fabric tank bag provided the antenna(s) are properly aimed.

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