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Rallye ll Pro or Santiago


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Hey guys, I'm looking for advice. Updating the closet. I bought a pair of Santiago pants a while ago for the short sizing. So far I like them.


New jacket is in the works. Here is where I would like some help. What are the likes or dislikes about these two suits.


I had a Darien and sold it. Too hot for me personally. Great coat for many situations but not for me.


Also giving some thought to Tourmaster Transition. What are your thoughts.


I see Marty, who seems to rack up the miles wears a Rally ll in his avatar. I am not so concerned about the price, as I am the performance and durability. I have done my homework and understand the gore-tex liner thing. I live in the northeast so, 90+ temps are rare. Rain is an issue especially this year. Also love to ride in late fall early winter, so thinking Gerbing underneath. Also unsure whether to go liners or one peice raingear over the top.


I am on a R12GS, and would like to nail the suit the way I nailed the bike.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Walt V.

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We sell both in our dealership. The Santiago is more durable, which is not to say that the Rallye is bad. It's just a relative term. The Santiago flows more air, the Rallye less so. The Santiago will require layering underneath a LOT sooner than the Rallye. In essence, look at them this way. The Santiago is a Spring/Summer/Fall jacket while the Rallye is a Fall/Winter/Spring jacket. "Winter" of course, being about 35-degrees and above. Gerbings, as you mentioned, are part of either plan so you should be fine.

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Paul Mihalka

I was also looking for a wide-range use jacket, that can go from winter cold with Gerbings, to Summer heat using just the outer shell and a t-shirt. I have a good choice as I work at the BMW dealer and I can get any BMW, but also Vanson, Revit, Olympia, and others. I ended up with a BMW "Commuter 3". Waterproofing is in the liner. Outer shell is breathing but not as open as mesh, but with good vent openings. I'm pretty conservative (means old) in my taste and liked the looks of the Commuter 3 over the others. I'll tell more about it when I'm back home from Gunnison grin.gif

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Thanks for your responses. I know you both are "large mile" guys so your input is very much valued. Thanks again for the advice. I'll check back when I decide.



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I agree with the other guys, but I don't think that the Olympia, Tourmaster or Cortech can match the quality of the BMW gear. Aerostich gear is good, but you don't get the features you get with the BMW gear for the same price.


I do like the color options on the Pro II a lot more than the Santiago.


If you got a GS, might as well go in style man!



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