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Sunglasses with Magnification


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There have been several post on this subject in the past. Many have had their old prescription glasses tinted for use on their bikes, etc etc. I just got a pair of sunglasses with magnification (like bi-focals)from HelmetHeadCycle.com and they seem to be decent. I have no affiliation whatsoever with HelmetHead. The glasses cost $17 plus under $2 for mailing and they arrived in 3 days from order. They come in 3 different strengths. For those of us, like me, who can't read a map without glasses these may be a good option. FWIW.

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Jerry Johnston

I got a pair of reading glasses that are sunglasses with 1.5x bi-focals at a local drug store for $8.95 smirk.gif

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Instead of trying to put magnification in my sunglasses, I got some clipon sunglasses for my regular glasses from http://www.3gsun.com/


Lifetime breakage guarantee. I have two pair. When one breaks, I send the pieces in and start using the second pair. The replacement arrives in a couple of weeks. (They charge a $5 shipping/handling fee for each replacement.)


They have lots of different styles, so it is very likely that you'll find some that look like they were made explicitly for your glasses.


When it gets dark enough to not need them, I unclip them and put them in the right-sleeve zipper pocket of my Darien jacket.





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My wife found some stick on reading lenses, they work great on my sunglasses to read the tankbag map or GPS. You can trim them to size, just wet and place on the lens.

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I've been wearing these for years. They are great and the design works very well in the wind, as well. If you want a better selection, you might consider trying SafetyGlassesUSA.com . They have several different styles, both clear and tinted, with bifocals built in. If all you need is a magnifier for simple presbyopia, these are a very useful and economical solution.

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I just got my first set of bifocals (hurray for middle age) mostly so that I could read a tankbag map - straight reading glasses are a bit unhandy when you're cruising down the road smile.gif


I had them made with the auto-tint, which is working pretty well. The best change was requesting a very slim magnifying section - it's about 1/2 the size of regular bifocals. Gives me enough magnifier to function without interferring with my distance field of view.


They work great for everything except the new under-the-arm mirrors on the R12RT which fit nicely into the magnifer's field of view. Fortunately, my prescription isn't very strong so it isn't much of an issue.

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