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Steve Prokop - Mechanic Supreme


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Just thought I'd report on my maintenance ride to Dundee, OR and Steve Prokop. Steve, his wife Jan & his two technicians did a great job on the 24k service II for my R1200RT. They also installed two new Bridgestone BattleAx tires on the bike. Wow! What a difference new rubber makes. I went through a set of Michilin Road Pilots in 9800 miles which is piss poor compared to the 14k I got out of the Z6 Metzelers. Good timing too because Chris, the mechanic who did my work yesterday, pulled a two inch nail out of my rear tire. Got the most outta that tire! thumbsup.gif


I thank all the guys who recommended Steve as I now have a warm fuzzy feeling that my baby will be well cared for in Oregon.

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