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Bike Ran now it want start

John Dargan

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John Dargan

Hello Fellow Bikers

I have a 1996 R1100rt It has been sitting for some 2 years under cover and  i fired it up and it ran like a hairy goat until it warmed up 

it did this for some 10 starts over a couple of weeks now it turns over but will not fire . Someone suggested ether so i hit it with 

a product called start ya Bast$%d and still nothing .  I put a brand new battery . turns over but still will not fire . 

Any ideas would be really appreciated . 

i read in the forum some were someone replaced the ECU module


Thanks in advance


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Did you drain the old gas and add new before the first attempt?  Have you put in new spark plugs, or pulled the old plugs to see their condition?  Are they wet with gas, or water?


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John Dargan

Hi Mickael 

No i have not tried that and this this will the next stage , Fuel or unlesd in Australia has a low octane 

rating that is in the take at present . and i have to send away for Spark plugs  because were i live dont stock them 

Thanks for the fast response . I will try the suggestion and will get back .

thanks again 


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John Dargan

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes   ,  unleaded . Tank . this twice .

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Constantly starting it without riding it, especially with old fuel, does not make it happy.

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The Fabricator

Either fuel or spark.

Side stand up?

Remove spark plugs, insert into caps away from spark plugs holes, ground to metal surface, crank.  Spark across spark plug gap?


No? Report back.

Then fuel.

Pull air tubes off the back of the throttle bodies.

Open the throttle fully, Squirt a little starter fluid into the throttle body.

{Spark plugs in, caps on spark plugs]

Crank engine.  Does it run a few beats?

Report back.

Does the fuel pump run a few seconds when turning key on, in neutral, side stand up?

It should.

Report back.

Do not replace ECU.


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Jim Moore

A set of Auto Lite 3923s will work great in that bike.

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