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How does one remove the wind delectors?


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In my quest for a cooler summer ride, I would like to remove the clear wind deflectors underneath the windshield. There seem to be 2 screws that are inaccessible. Does anyone know how to access those wind deflectors?

The mystery piece of fairing is in the photo 😠PXL_20230524_154348276.thumb.jpg.0d56db65d4fdf728334e0e54282f79db.jpg

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  • Randyjaco changed the title to How does one remove the wind delectors?

Randyjaco, the wind deflector is fused as one piece with the fairing panel.  Here's a page that shows how to remove the entire panel, but I don't think that's your objective, correct?


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Thanks. So are you saying that the white fairing panel and the wind deflector cannot be separated?

From the illustration I looked at the deflectors appeared to fastened to the fairing panel were fastened by 3 screws.:27:

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That is correct. Please see the attached photo of my disassembled fairing bits when I installed Cyclops LEDs.


I don’t remember seeing any screws and they’re not visible in the photo. However, you could remove the whole panel to check, I guess.



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Bummer! That is a lot of work for questionable result. I sure hope that you are wrong ;)

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Well I'm guessing they are removable, insofar as they are listed in the Max BMW fiche (for my 2020 RT) as a separate item  - ~$208 each. 

However, as I have had the panel off before (when I put in Cyclops LEDs) I can't give you any perspective on best way to get at them and tend to think taking that section of the bodywork off and then getting at them (as @Geekmaster suggested) is the best play.

Good luck! 





Partial part list for this page of the fiche:



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Wayne Johnson

If your that desperate just remove the windscreen all together. Not the best looking but functional! I have an Aero screen that i replace with the stock one if it gets that hot

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