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Hood Canal, WA


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Today I took a 'personal day' from work and went riding with a good friend of mine who has a new K1200S. The bikes:


Leaving from the Seattle suburbs we took the Edmonds->Kingston ferry. Bikes go to the head of the line at the ferry, ah life is good:


My partner in crime:


My RT at the head of the ferry:


From Kingston we headed for the Bremerton ferry, via Hwy 101. We stopped for lunch in quaint little Quilcene during a light rain. I meant to take pictures of lunch and the restaurant but somehow I just end up with more pics of the bikes...



Riding south on Hwy 101 the skies parted and the sun came out. On the Skokomish Reservation we took 106 over to Belfair and then 300 to Tahuya. You can park in WA state parks for free again so we stopped for a break, and um, here's another bike pic smirk.gif



Up to that point it'd been a great ride but Tahuya->Dewatto->Holly->Seabeck was pretty much motorcycling nirvana. We caught some back roads with no traffic at all and hardly any side roads. The ride was, ahem, spirited and we had a blast. At the end of the run we both noted that we actually had to get on the brakes at a few points and we had one wicked right hand steep downhill decreasing radius turn. The RT just eats that stuff up! thumbsup.gif


Finally we made our way into Bremerton and caught the ferry back to Seattle...




The final tally according to the GPS...


And our tracks for the day...


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Thanks for posting....my wife and I bought an acre and a half in Sequim and cannot wait to relocate. The pictures helped me vicariously enjoy the area.



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