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The GS experiance!


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I've been stuck riding an 96 Bandit that a buddy let me barrow. I sold it to him in 98 he has let it sit and wast but let me offered it to me until I get my new bike! The problem comes in where another buddy of mine decided to offer to trade bikes for awhile. Turned him down at first as I was never truely intrested in a GS. He persisted and I gave up my Bandit for a BMW for a minute and WOW! I never imagined it would be all that and more. I am now mad at him because I have yet to get the GT and close to divorce over it. Now I want them both! I quess I'll have to take more trips to GA and FL for those Lotto tickets. clap.gif

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Yeah, big mistake. Never, I repeat, never ride a GS unless you are ready to buy one.


After all, it's just a little dirt bike. Right? tongue.gif

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