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twin spark '04 R1150RT Surge, Poor MPG, Back Fire


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I just got back from a trip to Colorado from Wisconsin (3400 miles round trip) and my RT began to act like the similar post on this page towards the end of the trip. It began to surge during acceleration especially as RPM's increased to a higher level. I also noticed a decrease in MPG. After I got back I also had a back fire as I slowed for a corner.


I have burned through a couple tanks since this started and MPG has been slowly increasing (drop was 6 MPG and it has gone up about 1MPG for each additional tank).


Bike has 16.5k on it and was serviced just before the trip (12k check up).


Seems like a spark plug thing to me, but I just got new "beemer" plugs at the 12k check up. Can they be ruined by bad gas?


I still have a warranty, but if it is something simple I would rather take care of it if I can.


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Urban Surfer

I had a very similar thing happen. I had change the spark plugs, and apparently screwed up one of the wires or ignition coil. I had back firing, surging, poor idle, and the bike ran like crap. It was a simple fix, the bike shop didn't even charge me. Pacific Yamaha/BMW a great bunch.

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